March 3, 2024
Sonos and IKEA launch new Symfonisk floor lamp with speaker 1

A few hours ago, Ikea and Sonos launched a new floor lamp speaker in cooperation, the Symfonisk. It should optimally combine light and sound and look stylish at the same time.

Floor lamp and Bluetooth speaker in one

Ikea and Sonos already released a joint lamp in 2019. This was a bookshelf and table lamp speaker. Now the floor lamp loudspeaker is to enter a new round, which, according to Ikea, should start at the beginning of next year. It will be available from January 2023.

The design

The lamp comes with a bamboo-look lampshade, which is intended to create a cozy atmosphere. However, there are other lampshades to choose from, which are available separately if you don’t like the one supplied. In addition, the associated Sonos loudspeaker has 180° sound, which is intended to create a room-filling sound.

Sonos and IKEA launch new Symfonisk floor lamp with speaker 1

The speaker stands on three high legs, and the floor lamp has a total height of 136 cmThe cable attached to it has a length of 350 cm, which offers a lot of leeways.

You can add the new Symfonisk to the Ikea Smart Home App, control it from there and connect it to other Smart Home devices. It can also be controlled with the Sonos app. In addition to the two Symfonisk lights, there is even a Symfonisk picture frame and a Symfonisk bookshelf.


As already mentioned, the floor lamp speaker is expected to be available from January 2023. According to various sources, it should cost around 260 dollars.

If you prefer to set up your speakers without a lampshade, Sonos has a huge selection of conventional smart speakers. Of course, a popular option would be the Sonos One.

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