March 3, 2024
Digital tech is a powerful deflationary force Nadella

Because of its huge productivity gains, technology can be a powerful deflationary tool in an inflationary economic system. “Fundamentally, we’re moving to an era mobile and cloud, to an era ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligent, an era which will experience more digitalization over the next ten years than the past 40,” he stated at Microsoft’s Future Leadership Forum. 

Nadella explained that a digital business needs to have the best multicolored multi-edge infrastructure. “Every organization will need to have a more distributed and intelligent computing fabric. This will allow them to quickly build, manage, distribute, and deploy applications anywhere. In addition, he said that they will need tools that can bring together professional developers as well as domain experts.

He stated that computing is increasingly distributed and embedded within the real world. “The number of industrial control systems that include analytics and AI-inference capabilities at the edge will grow sixfold in the next four years,” he stated.

Nadella discussed the metaverse and the way Microsoft refers to it in terms of both a new platform or a new type of application, much as it did in the early 1990s when it spoke about websites and the Web. “Across Microsoft Cloud, Azure IoT to Azure digital twins to Connected spaces, and Microsoft Mesh to Azure IoT, we’re creating the metaverse intrinsic. This is the metaverse platform that you can build on. “In a sense, we can embed computing into the world and the real world into computing, bringing the real presence into any digital space,” he stated.

Nadella also shared some thoughts about the new world of hybrid working. “We are experiencing a shift in how we work, where we work, and when it happens. Many people are now asking the fundamental question: Why do we work? These two issues are known as the great reshuffle or the hybrid paradox. 70% of employees wish for more flexible remote work options. A similar number want more in-person connections. 58% of people who say they expect to spend more time in the office than others tell us that they do so for the same reason: more focused work.” he added.

Anant Maheshwari of Microsoft India stated that a digitally-native customer is a trend that will change all industries. “It is expected that India’s consumer-digital economy will grow 10 times to become an $800 billion market by 2030. It was estimated at between $85 and 90 billion in 2020,” he stated.

Maheshwari claimed that India’s strength is its large number of developers. “Every company in India is digital. It is powered by software created by this ecosystem…Rapidly increasing now are low-code and no-code platforms, which are democratizing the creation of digital assets. India can create digital assets with the help of its young, mobile population.

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