March 3, 2024
best men's cricket players in the world of all time

Cricket is a popular sport all over the globe. Some of its best players are also some of the most recognizable in the game. We will be highlighting the greatest men’s cricket players ever.

What are the greatest cricketers? This article will focus on the great ODI bowlers and batters throughout the history of cricket.

Who is the best 20 cricket players of men in the world?

Cricket has been a beloved sport since the 16- century. We used the most recent publications from BBC, ICC Cricket, and Wisden’s greatest players of all time.

13- Sir Alastair Cook

Sir Alastair Cook, from Essex, plays football at the Specsavers County Championship match wi- Hampshire at the Ageas Bowl on April 2019. Harry Trump.

His Cricbuzz profile shows that Alastair Cook was the captain of the English national cricket team, which led to a win of 4 out 5 ODI centuries and runner-up in the 2013 Champions Trophy. Additionally, Alastair Cook was awarded a knighthood for his international and national cricket records. He played his last Test match at the Oval in London.

12- Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah Muralitharan, an ICC Cricket Hall of Fame member, holds the records for most Test wickets taken (47) and most Test wickets played on a single pitch (166). So, it is no surprise that the former coach of Sri Lankan cricket, Muttiah Muralitharan, holds the record of the most Player of the Series awards for Test matches.

11- Shane Warne

Warne was passionately involved in the game even after his retirement. In 2008, Warne was still active in the game as he led a group of Rajasthan Royals players to the Indian Premier League title. There were some highlights, even though Warne was defeated by Marlon Samuels at Big Bash League. After much fanfare, Warne was finally allowed to leave the field. He didn’t make it very far. He didn’t get there. But he could, thanks to his amazing mind. He used it to call plays, often before they were performed.

Warne died from a suspected heart attack while on holiday in Thailand. Warne was a legend that transcended all borders and received many tributes from cricket fans around the globe.

10- Kallis

The veteran has been a dominant figure on the field for 17 years and has perfected the sport in every way. Kallis is a legendary all-round player in cricket, whether he’s a great bouncer or a skilled bowler.

9- AB De Villers

This Sou- African legend is a true star and one of his most trusted soldiers. He is Mr 360 because of his ability to get the ball down the court.

8- Vivan Richards

In 1974, he was a great player who began his career against India. He played in 121 Tests, where he scored as high as 8540 runs per match at an average of 50.24. Viv Richards is an inspiration for the game.

7- Rahul Dravid

He is often referred to as the greatest player in the game. He was a great Test player and is known as “The Wall” for his patience on the field. He was a great Test player, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a top scorer for limited overs. Dravid is one the most important cricketers in Indian cricket history.

6- Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting, Australia’s best player, is ranked below Bradman. However, this is what makes him one of the top 10 cricketers worldwide.

He was a familiar face for the Australian team and was also well-known by his teammates as someone who enjoyed having fun wi- the ball. He was affectionately known as Punter by his teammates.

5- Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly, a great leader and loved by his teammates, is one of the most elite batsmen the planet has ever seen.

He is the greatest left-hander to ever play the game. Sourav is not only the second Indian to score two runs, but he is also the fourth-best in the world. Moreover, many consider him to be the best Indian captain.

4- Virat Kohli

Virat is a sensation. People all over the globe know him for his aggressiveness and charisma.

He can destroy any team’s bowling, and that is what makes him stand out. Virat Kohli is the current best batsman in the world rankings. He is currently ranked second on our list of the top 2 cricketers of all-time.

3- Brian Lara

This Windies star is one the most talented and gifted cricketers the planet has ever seen.

He was a prominent name in his time, and his huge run total earned him great respect from his peers. No. 3 on our list of top 10 cricketers is the West Indies legend.

2- Sachin Tendulkar

His fans consider him a cricket legend, and he is widely regarded as one of the greatest cricket players. Sachin is the first cricketer to reach 10000 international runs and the first to score a double-century in a limited-overs match. Sachin has done everything.

1- Sir Donald Bradman

He began his cricket career in the early days. He had to compete wi- Herman Griffi- and other fast bowlers throughout his career. However, he still managed to score an average of 99.94 during his Test career, an all-time record and one that is yet unbroken.

The Australian bouncer is still considered one of the greatest cricketers to have ever stepped on 22 yards. He is one the greatest cricketers ever.

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