March 3, 2024
How artificial intelligence impacts gaming technology

Anyone who has ever played video games is likely to have interacted with artificial intelligence (AI) at least once. Whether you prefer shooting games like Counter Strike or racing games like Need for Speed, you’ll always find AI-driven elements.

In addition, artificial intelligence is often behind characters that users don’t usually pay much attention to, such as B. enemy creeps, neutral traders, or even some animals. But how has the introduction of AI to the gaming industry changed the way? And how do gamers view gameplay, and how has it impacted gaming in general?

How artificial intelligence impacts gaming technology
AI in games aims to improve the gaming experience. This is especially important as developers deliver gaming experiences across devices (Picture: Winstead).

What is AI in online and video games?

A well-structured AI model is essential to create a modern gaming culture and constantly involve users in creating an online gaming arena. Artificial intelligence in games refers to responsive and adaptive video games. AI-based interactive experiences are typically created with NPCs acting intelligently and creatively. Just as if they were controlled by a real person. AI is a mechanism that determines the behavior of NPCs in the game world.

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Although artificial intelligence in one form or another has long existed in video games, it is considered a trend-setting new frontier in game development. AI games are increasingly shifting control of gameplay to the player. Its behavior contributes to constantly creating new gaming experiences. For example, in game design, procedural AI generation, also known as procedural storytelling, refers to algorithmically generated game data, not to every element created by the developer.

Why is artificial intelligence important in gaming?

AI in games aims to improve the gaming experience. This is especially important as developers provide gaming experiences for different devices. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies, gaming is no longer just a choice between desktop and console. Instead, today’s gamers expect immersive gaming experiences on a wide range of mobile and wearable devices: from smartphones to virtual reality headsets and more. AI enables developers to deliver console experiences across different device types.

The user can be smarter than the AI

While the AI-Game developers worked hard to make NPCs look intelligent, these characters were missing a very important trait: the ability to learn. In most video games, NPCs’ behavior is programmed, and they cannot learn anything from the players. Simply put, they don’t evolve based on human players’ actions.

The reason most NPCs don’t show a learning ability isn’t just because it’s difficult to program machines to learn. It’s also because most video game developers prefer to avoid unexpected NPC behavior that could spoil the human player’s experience. One of the first video game AIs to introduce NPCs with learning abilities was Petz.


Because different players have different training styles, their pets’ behavior will also be personalized. This creates a bond between the pet and the player. However, the inclusion of learning in this game means that developers and game designers lose the ability to fully control the gameplay.

On the other hand, if we are talking about a shooting game, a human player can intentionally keep appearing in the same place, and little by little, the AI ​​will attack that place without exploring it. The player can then use the AI’s memory to avoid encountering or ambushing the AI. Such a strategy is beyond the control of the developers. Because of this, AI for games requires more time and effort to improve the technology.

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